Mar 20, 2019

Media representation: building and protecting an iconic media brand.

W Enterprise is very proud of its long-standing relationship with London’s Evening Standard, which has seen us represent the business across everything from events and awards to content amplification and even budget leaks.

As well as the star-studded Film and Theatre Awards, we’ve also supported on initiatives specifically designed to celebrate and support London’s business community and its prestigious annual Progress 1000 event. For these, our team looks after everything from the planning and development stages, through to on-site press and red carpet management, talent interviews, post-event amplification and sponsorship relations.

Beyond this, we’ve been working with the editorial team at ES Magazine for more than three years, amplifying all interview, celebrity and relevant lifestyle content to help drive awareness and ultimately get more people picking up the title. We’ve been particularly success at building a roster of press – from national through to lifestyle magazines and wires – that wait for ES Magazine’s content every week.

All of this, along with our awards work, has led to us delivering consistent top-tier coverage across broadcast channels such as Sky News, BBC and CNN and lifestyle media ranging from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to Sunday supplements.

We also support the paper on crisis management. For example, when our client pre-promoted their day’s front page with embargoed details of that days’ Budget announcement, we coordinated with senior ES management and senior government comms stakeholders, to act quickly. Our actions helped diffuse the situation, in the process protecting the brand’s reputation with the media and UK government.