Mar 20, 2019

Online brand: driving search and commercial results.

As MoneySuperMarket’s PR Agency of Record, W Enterprise is tasked with driving a high volume of media coverage for the brand.

But beyond this, given the highly competitive landscape and similarity of competitive market propositions, our work goes beyond simple coverage. Everything we do is commercially focused on driving customers to the website and encouraging them to use it to switch (energy, insurance, etc) suppliers.

As a result, our work is heavily driven by SEO – taking two forms in particular.

Firstly, we work hard to make sure that everything we do is optimised for SEO – that the words and content we use match the search terms people use in the category.

Secondly, we work especially hard to secure backlinks (or even widgets) in coverage, driving traffic direct to site (ultimately, driving down paid search bills).

And all our campaigns have delivered for the brand and the business, thanks to a focus on targeting High Domain Authority sites.

Our Freddonomics campaign used the retirement of the old £10 note to show that, of all UK products, it was the Freddo whose price had increased the most since its introduction 20 years before. Not only did this generate 300+ pieces of coverage and 1m+ social engagements – it also forced Cadbury’s to bring down the bar’s price.

Furthermore, our Hotel of Mum & Dad campaign drove the most web traffic of any campaign in recent memory (thanks partly to 85% Domain Authority).

Overall, 2018 saw us generate over 4,000 pieces of coverage for the brand and pick up the PR Week Award for Best Financial Services campaign for Freddonomics.