Mar 20, 2019

Property: nurturing a unicorn.

W Enterprise were tasked with launching and growing WeWork’s profile in the UK to drive sign-ups to their iconic London locations.

Arriving in London as an unknown New York start-up, we helped the client build a media platform through interviews and profiles in the UK’s most influential media, including BBC Radio 4’s Today, Financial Times and Daily Telegraph.

We developed and implemented a launch strategy for the opening of 17 sites across London, launching a new incubator space and amplifying the brand’s ‘Creator Awards’, taking place in the UK for the first time.

We then took WeWork from the entrepreneur pages into new areas of media – engaging design, culture and business press, followed by a summer series of cultural events, “We, The Creator”. This latter activity delivered a swathe of positive media coverage and successfully positioned WeWork as a curator of like-minded entrepreneurs, rather than simply a shared office.

Alongside this, we operated an always-on, creative newsroom. Our reaction to a strike on London’s Underground (where WeWork opened its doors to suffering commuters) helped deliver a 1000+% uplift in sign-ups in a single day.